Alongside the vineyard

img Chalet 2img Chalet 3img Chalet 4img Chalet 5img View from the vineyard in the springimg and in the summerimg No commentimg Chalets 1 to 3img Chalets 4 and 5img

Lakesied view

img Chalet 6img Chalet 7img Chalet 8img Chalet 9img Chalet 10img Chalets 1 to 10img View from the lakeimg View on the lakeimg img

The big circle

img Chalet 11img Chalet 12img Chalet 13img Chalet 14img Chalet 15img As said beforeimg Viewimg Viewimg October 2014img

Chalets for sale

Become owner of your chalet

This year we intend to sell some of our chalets at very reasonable prices.

Do you think you would like to spend quiet weekends and sunny holidays in your own chalet ? You can fly low-budget from several UK-airports to Bordeaux or Bergerac (both at 50 miles). Contact us for possibilities and prices.