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The hikes

Go and discover the surrounding paths, put on your hiking shoes or get on your bike, and above all take the time to stop and savor the time that passes, that’s what vacations are all about!

Here are some suggestions for hikes:

After dinner (3.75km or 5.0km)

A beautiful walk, on paved roads and feasible for everyone. The short version takes about 45 minutes and the long version a good hour of leisurely walking.

More information : click here for the itinerary
More information : click here for the map

Hot air balloon 33 (5,8km or 7,5km)

The first part of the journey to the place called “Lampiat” is partially done by the D270. Then return through the forest and the moors by the hamlets of “Ricot” and “Chevroux”. It will take you about an hour to complete this walk.

More information : click here for the map

South through the vineyards (4.25km or 7.25km)

You will start the route between vineyards and meadows. Then through a forest path back to “Favorit” where you can choose to extend your walk by Le Gât or if you feel tired come back to relax at the campsite.

The duration varies from a short hour to an hour and a half.

More information : click here for the map

La Papinelle (10,6km)

By paths and quiet roads, you will be able to for those which wishes it, to make the course of “La Papinelle” which makes about ten kilometers.

More information : click here for the map

Saint Georges and La Sauzette (15km)

Leaving the campsite on your left, after about 5km, you will arrive at the old quarry of Saint Georges that you can visit every day in summer as well as some days out of season. From its platform, you will have a nice view on the quarry.
The terrain is quite varied (meadows, forests, moors, vineyards).

More information : click here for the map

Old Charlemagne Road (24km)

For the more experienced, we have adapted one of the bike tours for hikers. This walk passes through the forest and the moor.

More information : click here for the map

l’Ecurie (2,9km)

A nice walk to warm you up for upcoming walks or for your digestion after dinner.

More information : click here for the map

Jogging track (5.0km)

More and more of our visitors like to jog. You can discover a 5km course on paved but quiet roads.

More information : click here for the map

Bike ride :

Intermarché Montguyon

To get to the Intermarché by bike, we suggest a slightly longer route than by car but quieter. You will take by the stables Narolles, Cottières and then Montguyon.

A short warm-up (12km)

This bike ride is 12km long and takes you through Le Grand Pineau and Le Fouilloux.
After about 5 km you can visit the old quarry “Saint Georges”.

Old Charlemagne Road (20,6km)

The old Charlemagne road was closed during the construction of the new LGV (High Speed Line). A viaduct was built over this road and since 2016 we offer a bike ride that follows this old road for 6 kilometers.
After 5,5km you will pass the dolmen “Pierre Folle”. Then you can find two passages between the D158 and the D259E1 and then between the D259E1 and the D910Bis in order to arrive on the old Charlemagne road.

A tour around the circuit (23km)

At 7km from the campsite you will find the circuit “Pôle Mécanique de Haute-Saintonge”. During this bike ride, you will be able to eat at the “Bistrot” (open from Thursday to Monday for lunch)

Clérac by bike (27km)

Small roads and paths to the picnic area of Clérac or the terrace of the hotel “Les Lacs Bleus” and return via the Voie Verte and Montguyon.

Montguyon and La Voie Verte (32km)

A pretty bicycle path built on an old railroad that you can follow for 7km. Return by small roads and paths in the woods.

You will have the possibility of quenching your thirst on the terrace in Montguyon and/or after 27 km at the Beau Vallon Lake. Benches along the Voie Verte will be available for you to stop and picnic.

Carrières de Guizengeard (36,5km)

From 1972 to 2013 the quarries of Guizengeard were the place of exploitation of clay and kaolin. They also bear the traces of older human occupations. Since the closure, nature has reclaimed its rights.

In summer, the Colorful Bee-eater (a species of bird belonging to the order Coraciiformes and the family Meropidae) can be seen.
You will be able to quarry, take a short break or why not have a picnic.

The Green Way (40 km)

The Voie Verte is a bicycle path built on a former railroad. The track is practically flat and therefore ideal for roller skating, if you feel like it.

The Voie Verte goes from Clérac to Barbezieux in Charente. The course is largely shaded. You will be able to stop to visit the old medieval fortress of Montguyon, the Roman church of St Martin d’Ary, the castle of the Magdeleine in Chevanceaux, the abbey church of Baignes Ste Ragonde as well as the castle of Barbezieux among others…

Saint Martin de Coux by bike (28km)

This walk passes through small paved roads. You will find plenty of places to visit and picnic.

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