A short warming up trip (7,5miles)

This trip is only 12km (7,5miles) long and takes you through Le Grand Pineau and Le Fouilloux. Really a nice short trip to see if cycling in our region is well feasable for you or just to be out and about for an hour. 


The old Charlemagne road (12,5 miles)

When we found out that the old "Charlemagne" road is just on the other side of Montguyon we had to make a bicycle trip on part of that road. Due to the construction of the new highspeed railway this road was closed until spring 2016. In the first part you can also visit the local Dolmen "Pierre Folle".

As usual we avoid busy roads as much as possible which has lead to some unusual and exciting connections. 


Pictures bicycle trip the old Charlemagne road

img Point 8img Point 9img Point 9img Point 12img Point 12img Point 12img img Point 18img Point 18img

Bicycle trip around the circuit (14miles)

Only 4 miles from the campsite you will find the circuit "Pôle Mécanique de Haute-Saintonge" which regularly organizes happenings for cars and motorcycles. We ride around the back of the circuit and later pass again in front of it. Restaurant "Le Bistrot du Circuit" is open from thursday until lunchtime monday and has a huge terrace with view on the circuit. Total distance 23km (14miles)


Pictures of the tour around the circuit

img img img img img img img img img img img img img img img img

Bicycle trip Clérac (17miles)

Via quiet rural roads to the picnic area or the terrace of Auberge des Lacs Bleus in Clérac and back partly using the cycling path "La Voie Verte" via Montguyon.

Total about 27km (17 miles). Below some pictures of what you may see along the way.


Pictures bicycle trip Clérac

img Point 11img Point 15img Point 15img Point 16img Point 21img Point 23img Point 25img Between point 26 and 27img Point 29img point 29

Bicycle trip Saint Martin de Coux (18miles)

This trip is mainly via paved roads. Unfortunately there are no restaurants or terraces on the way, but there are numerous spots for a nice picnic. You may find three different town halls (Mairie) at Saint Martin de Coux which does not even have 500 inhabitants !

Total distance 27 to 28km (17 miles).


Pictures bicycle trip Saint Martin de Coux

img Point 6img Point 11img Between points 16 and 17img Point 16img Between points 16 and 17img Point 19img Between points 19 and 20img Point 26img Point 27img Between 27 and 28img Between points 27 and 28

Bicycle trip Cercoux (19miles)

This trip follows rural roads and quite a few forest roads too. In Cercoux you can rest a while at the terrace of restaurant La Forestière. And again a nice photo gallery to show what you can see on this trip. Total distance about 30km (19 miles).


Pictures bicycle trip Cercoux

img Point 12img Point 20img Point 21img Point 30img Point 32img Point 32img Between points 36 and 37img La Faucherieimg Just after point 41img Point 42img Point 42 / 43

Montguyon and La Voie Verte (20 miles)

To Montguyon avoiding the busy main road D730 and then onward to "La Voie Verte", a nice flat cycling path built on the track of an old railway that we will follow for 7km (4,5 miles). Then back via very quiet roads and even bushroads. Possibility to relax on a terrace after 7km in Montguyon and/or after 27km at the lake "Lac Beau Vallon". But you can also choose to have a small rest on one of the benches along the cycling path "La Voie Verte" or even have a picnic.


Pictures bycicle trip Montguyon and La Voie Verte

img Between points 11 and 12img Between points 11 and 12img Between points 11 and 12img Between points 11 and 12img Point 17img Point 18img Between points 18 and 20img Point 20img Between points 24 and 25img img img Point 34img Point 34img Point 34img Between points 35 and 36img Point 40

Bicycle trip Carrières Guizengeard (23 miles)

Near the village of Guizengeard in the Charente several excavations used for porcelain clay were operational from 1972 until 2013. Traces of human habitation have been found that date back thousands of years. Since the closure of the pits nature has taken possession of the area again and now you can for example see the colorful european bee-eater. 

The excavations can be visited although there is no guidance like at the excavation of Saint Georges at Le Fouilloux (the oldest in the region). A beautiful scenery for a rest or even a picnic during your bicycle trip.


Pictures bicycle trip Carrières Guizengeard

img Point 4 img img Point 15img Point 19img Point 19img Point 19img Point 19img img img Point 17img Point 18

Saint Aigulin (24 miles)

On advice of the first guests who did this tour we have taken out a few parts of sandy road and replaced them by very quiet paved roads. Only 10% of the total is now on sandy roads.

The rest point on this trip is Hotel Restaurant "l'Art dit Vin" opposite the railway station in Saint Aigulin. They have a nice shady terrace in the backyard and a very good kitchen. From tuesday until friday they offer a menu at only € 13,00 at noon made from fresh local or regional products only. Ideal to start this trip mid-morning and only come back after lunch. But of course you can also have your own picknick at a spot you like.


Pictures bicycle trip Saint Aigulin

img Point 8img Between points 13 and 14img Point 20img img img Point 23img Point 30img Point 30img Point 12 on the way backimg Between points 17 and 18 on the way back

Saint Martin de Coux and the circuit combined (30miles)

For those that do not want to go unprepared, but who want to cycle further than just an hour away we have combined the bicycle trips to Saint Martin de Coux and the tour around the circuit de Haute-Saintonge.


Pictures of the combitrip

img img img img img img img img img

Intermarché Montguyon

By car it is only 2.5miles to the Intermarché in Montguyon via the D730, but we think this road is far too busy to cycle. Therefore we have made another route to the Intermarché and an alternative route back to the campsite. From the Intermarché you can easily get to the center of Montguyon having to follow the D720 for only 200 yards. We shall be happy to print the description of this route for you.


La Voie Verte

A few years ago an old railway track that meanders through the rolling landscape has been transformed into a 34km (21m) long cycling path (photo).The regional tourist office in Montguyon compiled a booklet with various bicycle tours as well.

In 2016 there was again a promotion day on the cycling path with some stands of which below an impression. Unfortunately you will only find a terrace at the start and end of La Voie Verte which is why we only use parts of it for our cycling trips.


Promotion day La Voie Verte

img img img img img img img img img img