Hot air balloon flight

Try before you die, in a quiet way

Quite a happening that you can experience a good hour before sunset or right after sunrise from April until the end of October. The rest of the day the risk of large thermics is too big. Apparently people with fear of heights do not suffer those when flying in a hot air balloon since there is no direct connection with the ground.

Brigitte Favre of Montgolfière 33 had three different areas for take off depending the direction of the wind (in view of the landing). At her home at less than a mile from camping La Motte, at the Safari Park Haute-Saintonge (10miles) or the airfield at Chalais (10miles).

Below several pictures of the preparations, the flight and after the landing that were taken during some flights in the summer of 2014. Brigitte retired at the end of 2016. Flights are still possible with an association in Jonzac (25 miles), but they depend on volunteers.


Preparation of the flight

img The equipment for the img The bottom of the balloon is pulled out of its bagimg Then simply walk away with the bag and the rest of the balloon with automatically pop outimg Pay attention when connecting the balloon to the basketimg Fix the basket and balloon to the 4x4 to keep control on take-offimg Start filling the balloon with a simple fanimg Start heating when the balloon is well filled with airimg Heat up to the max just before take-offimg During heating an assistant has to keep the balloon in controlimg A picture seconds before take-offimg We have lift-off !

During the flight

img Chevroux where Montgolfière 33 is based, at half a mile from camping La Motteimg Le Gât, with the locally well known round houseimg Camping La Motte seen from the northimg And from the west with the shadow of the balloonimg The assistant tries to keep the balloon in sight during the flightimg The balloon and the 4x4; sometimes their paths crossimg Hello ladies ! All is well ?img Nice château, pity about the lightimg Just beautifulimg Earth is flat, period !img Brigitte always avoids landing where there are animals

After the landing

img After the landing the basket has to go horizontal and only Brigitte stays on boardimg The still warm balloon has to be town to the groundimg The parachute in the middels is opened to let the hot air out quickerimg Still restrain the balloon since the hot air wants to riseimg Then center the balloon from the ground upimg Folding the balloon is done from the bottom so the last hot air gets pushed outimg Put the balloon back in the bag and seal it wellimg After the bag with the balloon put the basket back on the trailor and weimg Finally everybody gets his or her certificateimg Champagne during the presentation of the certificatesimg Exchange experiences and then it is time to go home